Jann Keenan & Keenan Group Inc.

Since 1981, Jann Keenan, Ed.S. has been designing health care materials and health promotions campaigns. In addition, she has been writing easy-to-read documents and offering lively workshops on health literacy for more than twelve years. Her work continues to receive national and international attention.

Jann creates products that are visually appealing, understandable. . . and effective. She is the first person to tell you she loves what she does and that she gets great satisfaction in developing products to help people make healthy lifestyle changes.

The Keenan Group, Inc. is a marketing business specializing in newspapers and gift items, offering services to a wide range of needs. We also have a pet products division. Josh Whitman was recently brought on board to review legal concerns regarding expansion nationwide. He’s a recent arrival from Louisiana where he worked as a paralegal in Baton Rouge for a local law firm specializing in assisting victims of maritime accidents, often going up against large employers unwilling to fairly compensate workers injured on oil rigs and vessels.

Our newspaper investment is morphing rapidly into an internet news aggregator model. The local nature of our printed product will permit it to remain profitable for many years, but the broader reach of the world wide web is where we see our future.

Our gift stores are also exploiting the web. Keenan Gifts is known by the slogan “gift baskets galore” and we intend to keep it that way. The gift basket business is thriving in spite of the fierce competition. Our new products, corporate gifts and personalized gifts have helped us remain both competitive and profitable. Our pet products business overlaps with the gift business and is still undergoing development. We expect to see a profitable business in the next year to 18 months.

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to enter into joint ventures where The Keenan Group provides marketing expertise to the table.

For more updated information, please refer to the company’s more current official webpage at http://www.keenangroup.com/.

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There are many other organizations that you could use to take care of your business but there is only one that you can really trust that it will be taken care of in the same fashion that you would handle it. We make every attempt to ensure the highest level of accuracy & service to each & every client we take on.

It is in our best interest to satisfy our customers because we thrive on repeat business as well as referrals. Please take some time to reach out to us & we are sure you will be happy with the decision because we will be able to care for you like none other.

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