The Keenan Group brings more than half a century of experience in designing health education initiatives and developing award-winning educational materials. Our innovative Health Literacy for Alltm model cuts through cultural and educational barriers.

Creating effective easy-to-read materials goes beyond using short sentences and limiting three syllable words. Using our turn key Readability Plus Model of Communicationtm, The Keenan Group produces print and audiovisual materials that move your customers from the “thinking” phase to taking action.

It is not always easy trying to ensure that every thing is perfect. It can be a very tedious effort. There are many complicated steps which must be followed & the work must be checked then rechecked time & again. Many things can go wrong in the process & it is very important that we are ready for any of them at any given time. Which is why we have located & secured not only the best trained but most dedicated staff anywhere.

It is the goal of everyone on our staff to satisfy the client at all costs. We have put together a whole group of work – a – holics & they are at your disposal. Sometimes I look at the lofty projects we have undertaken & it amazes me that we have accomplished them in a timely fashion. The group seem to feed off of one another & the ideas a free flowing when everyone gets into the room together for a brainstorm. It is like a smoothly running machine & it truly can be amazing.

Needless to say this effort comes at a cost. For many of our team they have sacrificed many things in order to become what they are today. Not only due to the dedication to their job with long hours, nearly impossible goals & demanding deadlines. They have also have to endure countless hours of schooling in order to obtain the training, with out which none of what we have been able to accomplish would be possible.

We are very proud to say we are here to serve you. We have been here for a long time & have no plan on going anywhere. As long as we continue to offer the best of quality at a remarkable rate, we will stay at the top of our field. We look forward to serving you for many years to come, with the same level of service you have come to expect from us.

We will also continue to head up our industry not only by staying on the cutting edge but by locating & acquiring the top talent as it emerges in our industry. That is very important because without enough hands to man the ship we are sure to become lost at sea.

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