Campbell Maloney

Campbell loves visual arts and it shows. He earned a bachelor of arts in advertising from Loyola College and was awarded the Corcoran Gallery of Art Exhibit Award and the Maryland College of Art Design Juried Exhibit Award. Campbell is accomplished in PC and Macintosh systems as well as Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Premier, Microsoft and Corel Offices and freehand Illustration.

Campbell brings with him an entire arsenal of weapons when he approaches any project. He can analyze the situation & take the best possible approach to find a solution. He is a problem solver by nature & enjoys applying his skills to the work at hand. He enjoys the sense of accomplishment that comes with the completion of a project, when everything comes together you might say. There are many people who could accomplish the job in most cases but they would all be lacking the same flare for design & passion for perfection that he can offer.

In the past he has had his hands in on projects that a enormous in size & scope. He seems to be able to focus under pressure & rarely shows any sign of it. Along with his other talents Campbell seems to have a knack for leadership. He can help to bring the team together in a time of crisis & he seems to have a solidifying effect on those around him. He really brings the team together. He is an valuable asset on any project & we are happy to have him on board with us.

There are a few rare skills that are acquired innately, although they may be refined through experience. One of those skills evident in this leader is the ability to recognize value. His nephew was a vintage film buff and against his parents wishes he chose a career in movie memorabilia. Campbell encouraged the youth and pointed him toward a very lucrative endeavor – sell movie posters and lobby cards – the antique collectible versions – to collectors.

In addition to his valuable professional skillset we also admire him for his values beyond the office environments. He is often taking on tasks that are designed to help those around him. No matter if it is helping a friend move in his spare time or volunteering his efforts in an attempt to better society as a whole, He can often be found in the service of others. This alone may not be amazing to you but when you weigh in that he is also balancing a very fruitful home life with many friends & loved ones the big picture seems to become a bit clearer. We feel that there is no way to replace or even attempt to replicate the amount of positivity that comes with Campbell on any given day.

We feel honored to have Campbell as a team member & anyone who is lucky enough to know him should & probably does feel the exact same way. For everything he does for us here, as well as in every other aspect of his being we would like to say just how much he is appreciated. Thank you very much Campbell, keep up the good work!

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