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Janice is a trainer, par excellence. Her energy is apparent in the hands-on workshops she conducts on health literacy techniques. She works closely with consultants to make sure their message is heard loud and clear. Janice’s specialty area is topics on nutrition.

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Effective Health Literacy Techniques Improve Health 
The Keenan Group, Inc. helps health agencies and organizations:
• Deliver clear print and multi-media health messages
• Improve communications between health professionals, patients, and families
• Ensure materials are culturally appropriate
We offer health literacy consulting, writing, health initiatives and campaigns,
 and presentations.

Health literacy consulting
Organizations including the Centers for Disease Control, The National Institutes 
of Health, The Federal Drug Administration, and Johns Hopkins University call 
upon the Keenan Group to help them meet their health literacy needs. Call Jann Keenan 
to learn ways we can help you make sure your messages and clear and on target.

Health literacy writing
The Keenan Group helps you write your health message in clear language. We design:
Brochures, workbooks and newsletters
Posters and billboards
Instruction sheets and consent forms
Web-sites and CD ROMS
Video and audio tape script writing and production
Health Education Campaigns (top)
For nearly two decades, The Keenan Group has developed comprehensive 
campaigns using proven health literacy techniques. We offer nationally recognized 
initiatives on smoking cessation, antibiotic resistance, immunization, teen pregnancy, 
maternal and child health, cardiovascular disease, sickle cell disease, SIDS, weight 
control, and lyme disease among other topics.
Health Literacy Presentations
We serve as keynote speakers and workshop leaders at organizations across the 
U.S. such as Harvard University, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Education, 
The Canadian Public Health Association, The Department of Health and Human 
Services, and World Pharmacology.

Call us to find ways we can customize programs 
for you on topics including:
Health Literacy 101: Meeting JCAHO and NCQA Standards
Developing Readable Materials that Motivate
Culture, Health Beliefs, and Medical Compliance
Depression, Disease, and Health Literacy
Say it Simply: Verbal Communications Techniques (top)

Critique your current materials

Customize a health promotions program with goals and objectives

Conduct focus group sessions and pre-testing

Conduct on-going evaluation

Write, design, and illustrate educational materials

Voila! Deliver finished product to our happy customer

We greatly appreciate our readers & we are always here for you. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We look forward to feedback & we do try to answer anyone who reaches out to us in the same order that messages arrive. Please remember that this is not our only project. Please be patient if you are waiting for a response as it may take some time. Thank you very much.

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