Micheal Goorevitz

Michael makes Keenan Group designs sing. Michael brings more than twenty years experience as an illustrator and graphic designer. He employs all sorts of artistic techniques to make documents interesting as well as easy-to-read!

He created the artwork used in the Central Museum’s Darby Exhibit and has contributed to many larger projects. He also received a grant from the Kellog Foundation in 2012, enabling him to travel to the Antarctic to photograph and draw the frozen environment he is so fond of. We had him take along a group of colorful womens fleece jackets that he photographed in the stunning Antarctic environment for a spread we were doing for a client. The photos he returned with were quite extraordinary resulting in a request for his work for some of our other sports equipment clients.

Thanks, Micheal, for making us look so good.

His graphic designs have been used on our Utne Reader ads, our Mothering ads, and the flyers sent out to all our fans online. I’m pretty sure his work is making lots of businesses look better and sell more. Check out the cubic zirconia rings display at SterlingForever.com. These guys specialize in sterling silver jewelry and especially sterling silver rings. The snappy flyers we periodically send out are also Micheal’s responsibility.

A number of our readers contacted us regarding his work. One correspondence was from an Australian real estate expert. Apparently Faye Kotsis is well known in Arcadia, north west of Sydney, Australia for the fabulous garden she has cultivated. It is open to the public once a year during a Galston District Garden Club tour of the best gardens around Sydney. Faye inquired about Micheal’s photography since she was thinking of creating a photo based book about her garden and the process that went into making it. I’m not sure if anything resulted from her inquiry, but she was definitely a big fan of his work

If you are not familiar with the differences between graphic design and illustration:
Graphic design is the art of visual communication via branding, strategy and the precision-tooled delivery of commercial messages. Students in graphic design study communications theory, design history, visual form-making, color, systems thinking and information design along with a progression of typography courses, from the anatomy of letter forms to expressive and experimental uses of type. Graphic design delves deeply into the meaning of visual communication, that is essential in today’s information-rich world. Think of the posters, websites, books, ads, street signs, magazines, package labels and other visual information you engage with every day. Good graphic designers are capable to convey even the most complex information as powerfully as possible.

Illustration is pictorial matter used to explain or decorate a text. An illustrator works in numerous types of media including illustration using a multitude of media including oil paints, acrylics, colored pencils, markers, to engraving, etching, intaglio, lino-cut, pen-and-ink, sumi-E, woodcut, and even photographer. With today’s computer generated art the illustrator and graphic designer has an almost unlimited range to techniques to work with. To train as an illustrator students hone their conceptual and image-making skills through classes focused on everything from book and web design to creating illustrations for newspaper and magazine articles, picture books, graphic novels, textbooks, comic books, games and more. Illustrators master the ability to draw and paint meaningful images allowing them to illustrate books, create surface designs for products, work in web or game design, become an animator or character designer, or contribute to the visual design.

Many talented designers, such as Micheal Goorevitz utilize both graphic design and illustration skills in their work.

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