Keenan Group staff:

•    Offer creative solutions

•    Work within your budget

•    Deliver and implement effective,measurable programs!

•    We understand that each client’s projects and objectives are different–requiring different skills.

•    Using our knowledge base, we address all facets of the communication process.
When you hire the Keenan Group you employ a team of seasoned professionals with solid experience in:
◦    Public health
◦    Adult education
◦    Training
◦    Marketing
◦    Graphic design
◦    Videography

– – Thomas Blair – –

Tom brings more than twenty years of experience as a video and audio tape producer, script writer and technical director. In addition to his well-honed skills in multi-media, Tom is trained in writing easy-to-read materials. He received a national award from the National Women, Infants and Children’s (WIC) program for a video for the deaf. Atlanta’s Centers for Disease Control disseminates his video on lead blood screening throughout the United States.

– – Roybn Bauxbaum – –

As a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Robyn offers experience in designing sound health initiatives. She conducts focus groups, develops evaluations and applies health models for Keenan Group clients. As a trained health educator Robyn is ready to work with content experts to develop workable solutions to health care needs.

– – Nan Rosedale – –

Nan is a natural. She writes health materials so people with limited reading skills can read them and will want to read them. Nan’s specialty area is diabetes education.

The author of several prominent case articles for Lawyers News and content writer for several legal websites in the areas of patent and trademark law. She is also current on intellectual property statutes, especially at the federal level.

She also is versed in patent law and has clerked for Julius Shulman before coming to the Keenan Group, where she devised the system that many other firms now use to verify patent claims. REM specifically asked to work with Nan when they coded the automation for that same system. We’re proud to have a Renaissance woman working on our team.

All of the dedicated members of our staff are entirely committed to bringing you the best possible experience. You will get top of the line service from everybody on our staff every time you visit. We are very appreciative of all of our clients & we strive to fulfill their high level of demand. We have found this to be a very effective method of retaining customers as well as attracting customers through referrals. We fully understand what it means to be the best on the business. Once again thank you very much & we look forward to serving you for many years to come. Please come in & allow us the opportunity to help satisfy your needs as well if you are not currently.

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